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66fit Beginner Balance Board

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  • Brand: 66fit
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Regain sense of balance and coordination and ensure a speedy recovery.

Using the 66fit 36cm Beginner to Intermediate Balance Board post injury will allow you to regain and retrain your sense of balance (proprioception) and coordination to help prevent further injury and accelerate your recovery.

The 66fit 36cm board has a larger flatter base shape making it extremely easy to use, the ideal choice for beginners and intermediate users to progress through the early to middle stages of rehabilitation.

The 36cm plastic board is particularly suited to children thanks to its size, gentle tilt action and comfortable contoured easy grip surface.

Children with ADHD are often given coordination exercises using a wobble board in order to improve their symptoms. It is believed that certain physical exercises strengthen not only the body but also the brain. Balancing exercises are thought to stimulate and strengthen those areas of the brain responsible for learning and attention span in young ADHD sufferers who are often easily distracted.

In addition, the comfortable contoured surface is thought to provide sensory stimulation for children using the equipment as part of their recovery programme.

Why Choose the 66fit 36cm plastic Wobble Board?

Manufactured to a high standard the 66fit Plastic Wobble Board (36cm) is designed with practicality portability and durability in mind. Easy to use and wipe clean it is a practical and hygienic choice for use at home and also for multiple users in physiotherapy and rehabilitation departments.

In addition the balance board can be used in a variety of rehabilitation and exercise regimes to work on core, upper and lower body strengths and as a supporting piece of equipment for squats, floor taps and press ups.

The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to use the balance board.


  • The 66fit 36cm plastic Balance Board is designed to help regain your sense of balance and coordination to ensure a speedy recovery following accident or injury.
  • Use the 66fit 36cm Wobble Board for rehabilitation purposes to regain proprioception and coordination to help prevent further injury.
  • Lightweight and easily portable, this 36cm plastic board has a textured non slip surface and is easy to clean.
  • Thanks to its smaller size and larger flatter base shape the 36cm plastic wobble board is easy to use making it the ideal choice for beginner to intermediate stages and for children of all ages.
  • Suitable for use at home, in physiotherapy clinics and rehabilitation environments.

Colour: Black
Contents: 1 x 36cm Balance Board
Main Materials: PP & PVC
Presented In: Colour Box
Packed Weight: 862g
Made in Taiwan.

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